Eric Conte is the proud owner of Marathon Marketing Services. We have a few products that can help you grow your business. We offer door flyer distribution for as low as 5 pennies a door. We deliver all over Pinellas County and Tampa. We target homes with 2 car garages or nicer, in order to make sure that your services or products can be afforded. Call us at 727-565-8601 today to discuss how you can benefit from Marathon Marketing services.
We have a VERY unique Facebook advertising campaign that has helped get our clients get in front of a few thousand people at lightning speed.
We are also a full-service printing company that will deliver your print directly to you at no extra cost, typically, saving our customers money.
If you are looking for an extremely inexpensive way to advertise, you should ask about our pizza box topper campaign or our future website called
Please do not forget to ask us about our sales training classes where we help you open and close more deals to generate the income that you are looking for.

Also, please feel free to contact us about networking. We can help your business in many, many ways!